Lyrical Choreography Gets Crowd Approval at Vidalia Airshow

Widget is replacing one magneto with a Light Speed Ignition in his RV-8. At Vidalia Onion Festival Airshow April 30 - May 1, Team RV introduced a new bomb burst opening  and subtle changes to the already lyrical choreography that is creating a memorable air show performance for spectators.   The addition of barrel roll pitch ups to rejoin and tighter reversing formations keep all aircraft moving through show center for an exciting routine.  Crowd reaction at Vidalia tells us our hard work is worth it. 


In addition to flying two air show performances, Team RV flew a 12-ship smokin' flyby to kick off the Kellie Pickler concert Saturday night and supported the air show with sponsor and media rides.  


You may recall that Tad "Stripes" Sargent, Bravo Flight Lead, and Tony "Sleepy" Spicer, Crew Chief, lost their airplanes (which they built) in the storms at Sun 'n Fun.  Both pilots decided that in the interest of the team, they needed to buy existing planes and not build.  Both flew new aircraft to Vidalia, and Stripes led Bravo Flight expertly . . . no easy task since he transitioned from a nose wheel RV-7A to a tail-dragger RV-8 in just a few weeks time.   


Widget is replacing one magneto with a Light Speed Ignition in his RV-8. The Vidalia Onion Festival Airshow is part of a community-wide celebration of the harvest of world renowned sweet Vidalia onions grown in a 20 county area in Southeast Georgia.   For the past 14 years, Marsha Temples has chaired an all volunteer Airshow Committee to organize and execute this acclaimed show.   And what a great job she does.   Team RV wants to thank Marsha and her crew for the hospitality, professionalism and attentiveness they provided to our pilots and essential crew at Vidalia Regional  Airport (KVDI).  We left feeling thankful to have been included in this show – and we left with  5 lb bags of the world's sweetest onions (a great perk)!


Thanks also to Air Boss George Cline and Narrator Hugh Oldham.  It's always a pleasure to work with these two.  They have offered advice to us in recent years based on their years of experience in the air show industry, and we have taken it to heart. 


Widget is replacing one magneto with a Light Speed Ignition in his RV-8. Photos from Vidalia are posted on our Gallery.  Join us on Facebook for more photos and to give us feedback.