June 16, 2011
PDK Packed with Flying and Friendship

Team RV had a "hot" time, as in a great time, in Atlanta at the PDK Good Neighbor Day Air Show June 4.  The show started with special rides and a hangar party at the airport on Friday night followed by show and dinner at the 57th Fighter Group on Saturday.  Airport director Mike Van Wie and Associate Director Mario Evans continue to provide an impressive free air show for neighbors of DeKalb Peachtree Airport (PDK), Georgia's second busiest airport.   


All performers kept an eye on the density altitude, which peaked at 4,500 ft (with pressure altitude of 1,000 ft) at show time.  We expected a few timing challenges due to longer climb times for Alpha Flight, our aerobatic wing, and we adjusted accordingly.  


Team RV performed a 12 ship Missing Man Formation which PDK dedicated to Amanda Franklin, who passed away on May 28 after being injured in an air show on March 12.   Kyle, are thoughts are with you still.  We then circled a US Army Black Dagger jumper carrying the US Flag with a five -ship vic formation to officially open the show.


It's a pleasure to thank show sponsors with formation rides, and we did that on Friday afternoon.  We had other special passengers as well:  wounded Georgia veterans.  A metro Atlanta based organization called Faces of Freedom brought these Georgia veterans to our attention.  Faces of Freedom is committed to helping veterans with disabilities reconnect with their families and their community upon returning from service with life-changing injuries.  Their goal is to make sure that our wounded Georgia veterans are acknowledged, honored, included, and empowered. Good luck to all of you and thanks for riding with us.


Our special guests on Saturday were a contingent of employees from TenCate, a global company with US headquarters in Union City, GA (south of Atlanta) that manufacturers fire resistant materials and other protective gear.   TenCate provided flight suits for Team RV this year when it came to their attention that we were interested in their fire resistant material called Tecasafe Plus.  Team RV sends a huge thank you to TenCate and to Celina, Juliana, Stuart, and all of the TenCate employees and their families who came out to PDK.


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