June 23, 2011
The Year of Extreme Flight . . . and Serious Fun

Spectacular flying as well as sand, surf and sun were the order of business during the recent OC Air Show "The Year of Extreme Flight" in Ocean City, MD June 11-12.  Team RV had a fun-filled four days meeting with sponsors, new fans, and print, TV, and radio reporters.  Listen in as NPR Coastal Connection reporter Bryan Russo tells the tale of what it takes, and what it means, to fly formation with the world's largest air show team.  From the OC Municipal Airport (OXB) we were able to share our enthusiasm with many who were able to climb aboard and experience first-hand the thrill of tight formation flying.  There were miles of smiles.


Even though temps climbed into the 90's each day, this did not hinder the hundreds of thousands of beachgoers who made their way to the spectacular shores of this Maryland seaside treasure.  From the time of our rehearsal flight on Friday afternoon to the full-on performances of Saturday and Sunday, Team RV never let up.  We flew a five-ship vic formation with expert precision around the U.S. Navy SEALs to circle the jumper followed by a quick rejoin with the rest of Team RV for the much-anticipated start of the air show:  we came in west to east over the hotels and beaches of show center to the shimmering waters of the Atlantic Ocean and performed our opening cross and crowd-pleasing bomb burst maneuver.  Throughout the 16-minute routine, Alpha, Bravo and Charlie flights performed with the showmanship of well-seasoned veterans.  Add to the excitement as Mike Stewart, Team RV founder, spoke from his lead aircraft to the throngs waving below as he described several upcoming formation maneuvers and for cameras to be at their ready for photo ops.  We wowed 'em on the beach!


The weekend could be summed up as a definite highlight for Team RV as people were anxious to meet us at local restaurants and give us generous feedback and a handshake or pat on the back.  We were amazed as revelers celebrated their joy from crowded hotel balconies as our uniformed pilots made their way from the boardwalk performers autograph tent to show center sponsor venues.  Many thanks to local sponsors such as Hooters Boardwalk, Macky's Bayside, Layton's Restaurant, and Jack Daniels and to the uber-organized and friendly B.Lilley staff and volunteers.   

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