January 2, 2012
Team RV Announces New Flight Leads for 2012


Team RV named two wingmen as new flight leads for 2012.  Greg “Greese” Reese will lead Bravo Flight and Len “Leggs” Leggette is to lead Charlie Flight.   Both wings are four-ship formation flights that perform precision formation maneuvers as part of the 12-ship routine.  Michael “Kahuna” Stewart will continue to lead Alpha Flight, the team’s aerobatic wing. 

Reese and Leggette are FFI qualified Flight Leads and have years of formation flying experience.   (Formation Flying, Inc., or FFI, is the FAA approved formation flying card issuing agency for civilian pilots.)  Leggette is a six-year veteran with Team RV and has more than eight years of experience flying formation in his RV-8A.  He has led the team on numerous ceremonial and media flights.   Reese, who joined Team RV in 2011, gained much formation experience flying with an RV group in Cincinnati, OH.   Reese comes from a military and commercial background.  In the USAF he flew the C141B and C9.  He now is a captain for Delta Air Lines.  

Tad “Stripes” Sargent and Danny “Speedy” Kight who led Bravo and Charlie for the past two years are returning to wingman status to pursue aerobatic competency throughout the season.   Team RV promotes continual improvement and skill development among its pilots.  These position changes allow Sargent and Kight to devote more time to aerobatic training with a future goal of surface level SAC qualifications. 

In a recent internal email to Team RV pilots, Stewart announced the new flight lead positions and said, “It is the culture of this team to expand our horizons, embrace change, welcome new challenges and support each other in the process. Please join me in congratulating these fine pilots who have stepped up to lead us into a new season.” 

Greese will lead Bravo flight in his distinctive yellow RV-8.

Len "Leggs" Leggette, Charlie Flight Lead

Greg "Greese" Reese, Bravo Flight Lead

Len "Leggs" Leggette, Charlie Flight Lead





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